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Before powder coating your materials, it is vital that they are meticulously cleaned and free of debris, paint, oils, rust, and corrosion. Uncleaned & improperly prepared surfaces decrease the ability for powder coating to adhere and coat your materials, resulting in uneven shapes and blemishes. Fortunately, at Steelhead Powder Coating, one of our services is sand blasting.

This process blasts sand at a high velocity at objects to remove the unwanted finish and expose the bare metal for our powder coating process, resulting in an even application of color. As a spray, it can access hard-to-reach areas and odd shaped objects. It also is easier to evenly sand materials, resulting in a smoother finish when the next powder coating process is completed.

Metal Staircase Railing

Preparing our Work for Powder Coating

When you use sandpaper, a belt sander, or an orbital sander, you create lines and textures that can negatively affect your end-product. With sand blasting, we create a blank canvas covering the entire object, perfectly preparing it for the powder coating stage. Sand blasting also reaches deep crevasses and strange angles impossible to sand by alternate methods. There are a wide variety of textures and types of sand mix to use to find the perfect abrasive technique for your material. Our trained technicians will take care of this process, making sure your object is prepared for a beautiful powder coat.

Tough on Coatings, Safe for Your Materials

Sand blasting uses slag that is tough enough to clean the surface of the object without damaging the original structure. This enables us to remove coatings like car paint without hurting the car’s panels themselves. It is also recyclable. The fine gravel used in our process is used many times, resulting in more environmentally friendly removal. For a more intensive project, a more abrasive material may be used to remove things like thick rust, corrosion or multi-layers of paint and even prior powder coating itself.

Whether you are prepping your item to be powder coated or need hard rust or hard-to-remove paint stripped off an object, contact Steelhead Powder Coating today for your sand blasting and preparation needs in Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities.

Serving the Entire Wasatch Front & The Great State of Utah