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More Powerful than Paint

Powder coating offers superior coating capabilities to just painting objects due to its ability to adhere to metals and provide durable protection. It also adds resistance to chipping, impacts, chemicals, and abrasions, so your assets are protected throughout the harshest environments. Powder coated metals are also resistant to rust and sun damage, making it the perfect coating for outside metals such as fences, stadium seating, tools, railings, gardening equipment, and much more. Make the switch today from flimsy rusty paint to powerful powder coating. Call today to schedule a consultation with Steelhead Powder Coating in the Salt Lake City area.

stainless steel railings hung in workshop

Benefits of Powder Coating

Covering your items with powder coating benefits you both immediately and in the long run. A powder coat can give your items instant glow from over a thousand different colors to choose from and textures to customize. On top of that, it provides your items with a new layer of protection that keeps its color. Never worry about a color fading or rusting over time.

Any material that can withstand an oven’s heat can be powder coated, including most metals such as mild steel, galvanized steel, electroplated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other alloys. It’s the perfect protective and attractive covering for your household items such as kitchen mixers, grills, car wheels, motorcycle body parts, and anything else you can imagine. Powder coating is also environmentally friendly, as it is solvent-free and does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or damage the environment.

Why Steelhead Powder Coating?

At Steelhead Powder Coating, we utilize our oversized 10’×25′ oven, which is large enough to handle projects like large trailers, railings, and fences. We offer thousands of colors to choose from and are able to customize textures that your project needs. Our specialists have powder coated everything from large projects like entire spiral staircases to precision detail work like motorcycle parts. We love our work and take pride in providing every client with professional work that not only looks great but lasts as well. Click or Call today and get started protecting your items.

Serving the Entire Wasatch Front & The Great State of Utah