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Thousands of Powder Coating Color Options

Steelhead Powder Coating offers thousands of color options in the Salt Lake City area to fit your ideas perfectly. From bright and vibrant neon colors for eye-popping finishes to rustic-looking rails, fences, and patio furniture. Not only do powder coated colors pop more than standard paint, but they’re highly durable, shining brightly even in the harshest environments. In addition to being tough, they are more scratch and chip resistant, leaving your items in beautiful condition for years to come. Whether you’re going for a modest or exciting look, we can make it happen! Not finding what you’re looking for? Let us know! We work directly with trusted suppliers to find the perfect shade and texture for your project.

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Not Just for Decoration

Selecting colors is not only crucial for how you want your finished product to look, but did you know selecting the right colors can also affect the product’s function as well? You can create awareness and recognizability by selecting bright or regularly recognized colors for specific objects.

For instance, a brightly colored ledge or sign warning occupants of hazards is imperative to a safe working environment. By simply powder coating objects red or neon yellow, they are recognized quicker through context, warning the viewer of potential risks. Using your brand colors on your equipment can also make it easy to identify them as your assets, protecting your business as well as extending their useful life.  Additionally, powder coating & texturing materials in your workspace lasts longer than paint and is more vibrant to avoid falls and helps to prevent slippery surfaces. Talk to our specialists today to find out how to create a safe work environment by strategically powder coating specific items in your operation. View our other services & application methods to create a total strategy for your business.

Serving the Entire Wasatch Front & The Great State of Utah