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Trusted Powder Coating and Sand Blasting Professionals

At Steelhead Powder Coating, we’re proud to offer Salt Lake City and the surrounding area with professional and reliable powder coating services for businesses and individuals. Whichever type of project you’re working on, regardless of size we offer solutions to make your project a success. Our 10’×25’ oven is large enough to handle projects like large trailers, railings, and fences. We offer over 1000 colors to choose from and are able to customize textures that your project needs.

Our team of professionals utilizes top materials and colors from our trusted vendors. Our powder coating is almost as strong as the metals it goes on. Providing strong protection from nearly all elements. Click or Call us today to schedule a consultation. Pick Up and Delivery Services Available. Ask For Details.

Steel Railing for balcony by SteelHead

Powder Coating

Powder coating is great alternative to paint that provides strong resistance to chipping, corrosion, abrasion, chemical reaction, adhesion, and weather-related damage. Powder coating can be done to all metals including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Sand Blasting

In order to remove dirt, rust, grime, and debris from materials while still preserving the original structure, we use different types of sand blasting mediums or phosphate sprays and other preparations. If a more aggressive solution is needed our technicians may use a highly abrasive slag that can remove years of rust and other metal impurities without damaging the original structures integrity.


Steelhead Powder Coating proudly offers a wide variety of textures to perfectly match your desired look. We provide finishes that range from a smooth flat matte to a metallic shine and offer textures that can be smooth to bumpy and rough. Whatever aesthetic you’d like, we’ve got the catalog for it.


We offer thousands of color options for all projects. From indoor to outdoor, commercial, industrial to your specific residential home projects. From a high gloss safety yellow to a basic matte black we offer an extensive array of color options to choose from. Work with us today to find the perfect color to match your design on your next powder coating project.

Serving the Entire Wasatch Front & The Great State of Utah