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Steelhead Powder Coating Offers Alternative to Painting

Your next time one of your projects requires a protective coating, consider powder coating over traditional paint. You might be surprised by its versatility and variety of color options! Most people think powder coating is just for industrial projects, but we’ve coated everything from vehicle rims & guard rails to entire spiral staircases. Size is not an issue! Our Salt Lake City facility houses a giant 10’ X 25’ oven that can handle just about any project you can think of. There are a host of reasons why powder coating is superior to paint, so read on to learn more!

The Benefits of Powder Coating Over Painting

Perhaps the greatest benefit of powder coating is the durability it offers. Powder-coated metals are more resilient to chipping, impacts, chemicals, and abrasions than paint. They are also more resistant to rust and sun damage, which is ideal if your assets will be located outdoors. Paint can become flimsy, weak and rusty over time. With powder coating, you don’t have to worry about the color fading or flaking off. Here at Steelhead, we offer powder coating in thousands of colors and textures, many of which are hard to find in paint options. You may be surprised to learn that, unlike paint, powder coating is also eco-friendly! Being solvent-free and lacking volatile organic compounds (VOCs) means powder coating pollutes less than paint. Powder coating isn’t just better for the Earth; it’s also safer to store and apply. Because it is not flammable and doesn’t emit VOCs, it is less likely to cause respiratory issues and other health problems. There are nearly endless uses for powder coating, including:

• Fences
• Stadium seats
• Tools
• Railings
• Gardening equipment
• Kitchen mixers
• Grills
• Car wheels or rims
• And more!

Powder Coating Application Process

When you need superior performance from your metal project, it makes sense to go with powder coating over the traditional wet paint option. The application process of powder coating is much different than painting methods. The powder coating process breaks down into the following steps. You can learn more about the powder coating process in our post, What is the Powder Coating Process?

• Metal pretreatment
• Powder application
• Electric charging
• Curing
• Cooling

Why Salt Lake City Chooses Steelhead Powder Coating

Salt Lake City residents turn to Steelhead Powder Coating when they need their metal arts and assets protected with powder coating. After years in the business, our team specializes in custom colors and textures to ensure you get the exact aesthetic and durability you desire. Whether you need a large spiral staircase powder coated or some parts for your motorcycle, our team can handle the job. Our oversized powder coating oven measures 10’x25′ and can accommodate large trailers, railings, fences, and more. We are truly passionate about powder coating, and it shows in the work we do. Our clients are satisfied with their powder coating because we take pride in the work we do, and we want you to be proud of your project as well.

Contact Us Today for Your Next Job

If you are looking to color, texture, and protect your metal parts or assets, you’re in the right place. Choosing powder coating will ensure your metal holds up against the elements over time. Steelhead Powder Coating is the best place for your project in Salt Lake City. Call us today to discuss our services and request a quote.